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How to discord disable account 

Discord is one of the simplest chat applications for the gaming community. even though it's quite a popular application, you most likely might have not heard about it if you ain’t a hardcore gamer. But don’t think that Discord is simply another usual chat platform like Microsoft Skype or Facebook Messenger. Discord has been adapted to keep gamers in mind. you'll find a lot of features in Discord which can ensure that your gaming experience takes off to a whole new level. Before emerging as a conversation application for gamers, Discord was actually a web multiplayer game that was designed for iOS. With Discord, you'll be able to enjoy text and voice chats with other players while simultaneously playing a multiplayer game. If you would like to delete your Discord account, you'll ask this article to follow the steps to discord the disable the account.
How to Disable Discord Account
Discord allows you to both delete and disables your account, almost like social networks like Facebook. Deleting your account means you'll not use it while disabling your account typically means you're taking an opportunity.
If you'd rather not remove your account entirely and prefer to only step away on a long hiatus with the potential to return, disabling your Discord account is that the better choice. this option will save you a bit of time later once you return and you'll not need to jump through hoops to get it back.
To begin:
1. Pull up the Discord app on your screen.
2. Once you've got logged in, head over to your User Settings (The Cog icon).
3. Click on the My Account tab then Edit.
4. At the bottom of the window, you'll see the option to Disable Account, coincidentally located to the right of Delete Account. Click it to disable your account.
2. Disabling Discord Account on Mobile
It is tough to disable the discord on mobile because it is simple on the desktop. there's currently no way to delete a discord account from a mobile. you'll get to put in request support first before deleting the app from mobile.
. Open the discord app on the phone
. Log in and open the server list by tapping the triple white lines at the left top corner of the screen
. Top on the cog icon which is next to the account name and it'll open user settings
. Click on account and click on triple white dots within the top corner at the proper. you'll be able to disable or delete that account
But, once you will select one among the options, it'll take you to a support page where you want to need to describe why you're doing this.
Delete A Discord Server
If you want to remove a Discord server, just follow these simple steps.
1. Open your Discord account on your browser or simply launch the Discord app on your PC if you've got it installed.
2. Now open the server which you would like to delete.
3. After you’re on that server, click on the down arrow on the right side of the server name.
4. From the list of options, click on Server Settings.
5. Now that you’re on that server’s settings, click on the “Delete Server” option, which is that the last option within the server menu on the extreme left side of the screen.
6. To permanently delete the server, you’ll need to type the name of the server. After you’re done with that, click on “Delete Server.”
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